“Global Reach: Ebook Support for Non-English Languages, with a Focus on Serbian Books”

The world has become a global village, and the need for people to interact with each other has skyrocketed over the years, including the need to consume literature. It is no longer a secret that the majority of traditional books cater to the English-speaking audience globally, while other languages are left behind. However, eBook support has changed the game in the literary world, offering equal access to books in multiple languages, particularly non-English ones. In this blog post, we will discuss the global reach of eBook support for non-English languages and highlight Serbian books as an example.

eBooks have revolutionized the way books are distributed and consumed globally. With their low production costs and high distribution rates, eBooks offer a better way for writers to market their work while ensuring a wider distribution without geographical limitations. Additionally, eBooks now offer tremendous support for non-English languages. For instance, Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing supports the use of 14 different languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tamil, and Turkish. This platform provides an excellent way for the global reading audience to have access to the books that they want to read in different languages.

When we talk about Serbia, it has a vast literary tradition dating back to the early medieval period. The country has produced world-renowned writers and poets such as Ivo Andrić, Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, Mesa Selimović, and many others. These writers have produced some of the most significant works of literature globally, and their books are highly regarded in Serbia and beyond. In recent years, Serbian eBooks have seen a meteoric rise in both production and distribution, thanks to the emergence of platforms such as BookBaby, Lulu, and smash words that publish Serbian literary works in different formats, including eBooks.

Svetislav Basara is one of the most famous contemporary Serbian writers, and his books have been translated into over 20 different languages. His book entitled “The Cyclist Conspiracy” has won numerous awards globally and has brought more attention to Serbian literature. The eBook version of the book has become a global bestseller, and it has helped to break down some of the barriers that have existed in the publication and distribution of Serbian books in the past.

The publication of Serbian books as eBooks has created a great opportunity for readers globally to enjoy books written in the Serbian language and to learn about Serbian culture and traditions. Additionally, it offers an affordable way for Serbian writers to get their works published in non-English speaking countries and reach a wider audience. Independent writers can create their own eBooks quickly as an efficient way to get their work out into the world.


In conclusion, eBooks are an excellent way for the global literary world to break down the barriers that have existed. Access to other languages, particularly non-English ones, is now more comfortable and accessible than ever before. The rise of Serbian eBooks and the success of books like “The Cyclist Conspiracy” is a clear indication of the global appeal of Serbian literature. We can expect to see more of this trend in the future as more authors from non-English speaking countries find new ways to enter the world stage. It is an exciting time for literature, and the future looks bright.