Monitor Risers: Benefits, Features, and Types

Working for long hours while sitting in front of a desktop computer is becoming all too common. In this scenario, straining your neck, eyes, and back can quickly lead to discomfort, fatigue, and decreased productivity. To reduce these problems, ergonomics experts recommend using monitor risers. Monitor risers enhance your workspace’s ergonomics by optimizing the height and angle of your computer screen, which can prevent physical strain and related health issues. In this blog post, we’ll go over the top benefits, features, and types of Monitor Risers available in the market.


Monitor risers are widely popular in the workplace and home offices due to their astonishing benefits. A monitor riser is a small investment that can make a world of difference in your daily life, making your work more comfortable and less straining. Here are some of the exciting advantages of monitor risers:

Improve Workspace Layout: A monitor riser can elevate the screen to the appropriate eye level, enabling better posture that reduces neck and eye strain.

Increase Desk Space: By elevating your computer off the desk and storing the keyboard underneath, a monitor riser frees up desk space; you can use this newly available space to station other desk items.

Efficient Cooling: Your monitor’s airflow is necessary for the device’s longevity; placing it on a desk or top of the cabinet blocks the device’s airflow. By elevating the monitor with a riser, cool air freely passes through the device, avoiding overheating and subsequent performance issues.


Monitor Risers are available in various materials such as wood, metal, and heavy-duty plastic. Different models offer different features such as adjustable height, built-in drawers, and wire management systems. Here are the essential features you should look for when buying a monitor riser:

Adjustable Height: Look for a riser with adjustable height that matches your seated height to optimize your working posture.

Built-in Desk Storage: Monitor risers that offer built-in drawers or shelves can increase your efficiency and functionality.

Wire Management System: To avoid messy and unsafe wires around your desk, get a riser that manages your screen’s cords and cable correctly.


Monitor Risers come in different types such as fixed, adjustable, and platform monitor risers. Each of these types has its unique features that determine its suitability for specific usage scenarios. Here are the popular types of monitor risers:

Fixed Monitor Riser: A single-height riser that can improve the ergonomics of your workspace by positioning your monitor at a healthy eye level.

Adjustable Monitor Riser: This riser is preferable because it can adjust to suit your desktop and eye level. You can work with greater comfort and ease, and it is very convenient for people who share workspaces or use more than one device.

Platform Monitor Riser: A platform riser raises your screen and maximizes space as it has built-in drawers or shelves for storage.


In summary, monitor risers are an excellent investment for anyone who wants to increase workspace ergonomics. Remember, improper screen positioning can cause problems such as eye strain, neck, and back pains. Monitor risers come in different types, materials, and features. Look for one that can improve your posture, provide efficient cooling, and maximize desk space to enjoy all the benefits. Choose a riser that suits your lifestyle, budget, and workspace needs. Trust us, a monitor riser is a small investment that can significantly improve your productivity.