The Cultural Representation of Erecting An American Flag Pole

When you think about the history of the United States, you think about how it’s been through pain and hardship. America and its people have worked and fought for every single thing they have today. Rolling back to the days of the American Revolution, which is also known as the American Revolution? The war started when people in Great Britain’s 13 North American colonies began to disagree with the colonial administration, which represented the British crown. Between 1775 and 1883, the people of the United States fought for their freedom, liberation, and independence in a tough fight. Although In 1778, France joined the colonists in the American Revolution, and what had been a domestic war turned into an international one. Her people were able to be free and independent after so many years of fighting and bloodshed, so it was worth it in the end. For this reason, the American flag is always praised and saluted because it shows and reminds its people of the fight for freedom in the 1800s.

For almost 220 years, the American flag has served as a symbol of liberty and justice. The sight of the American flag has served as a warning to opponents and a reassurance to her friends and citizens in times of conflict and peace. The American flag is the only symbol that adequately reflects the strength and glory of our country. 

The American Flag code

To emphasize the importance of the American flag to the people, a law was enacted on August 12, 1998, by the 105th United States Congress called the American Flag Code, which states:

  • The flag is meant to always stay out of contact from anything under it, say water, the ground, or another object. 
  • Again, you should ensure that you do not horizontally carry the flag at all times but always set it vertically and wave. 
  • Also, avoid using the flag as clothing, adornment, drapery, or bedding.

All these were instilled respect and honor for those who had fought for America’s liberation.

What Erecting The American Flag Means To Its people

As an American, erecting the American flag pole symbolizes a sign of hope, pride, sacrifice, opportunity, strength, freedom, and liberty. 

Talking about the cultural representation of the American flag and what it means to its people gave birth to the American dream. The American dream is the concept that everyone, regardless of where they were born or what social class they came from, may achieve their version of success in a society where everyone has the opportunity to advance. Rather than by coincidence and good fortune, the American dream is said to be realized via sacrifice and hard work. The color red is associated with toughness and bravery. It simply refers to our veterans’ incredible courage in the face of peril, particularly in battle.

Reflecting on the colors present on the American flag, Red is said to symbolize the blood spilled by patriots in combat. Red can also indicate a willingness to make a sacrifice. The color blue represents the value of a just and fair country, while white symbolizes purity and pure intentions.